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The aroma of freshly roasted coffee.

The blaring sounds of a distant ambulance.

The bickering couple next to you as they argue about who screwed up the Starbucks order.

There are countless distractions that we encounter on a daily basis. Thankfully, we’ve become skilled at ignoring the factors that don’t directly relate to us. But, what if we embraced these distractions? Return to a childlike-state where we are constantly in awe of the world around us?

Constantly Observe

The more we observe our surroundings the more likely we are to see trends and patterns. And when it comes to working in advertising, this is vital. The next time something strikes you as peculiar, take a step back and watch!

Bounce Ideas (and work spaces!)

Creativity is rarely a solo endeavor. Embrace the different perspectives that others offer. Grow a culture within your company that allows for the most wildest of ideas to breathe. You never know when a seemingly “dumb” idea could lead to something marvelous. In a similar vein, it’s equally as important to change up the physical space you work in. There’s been countless studies that show if you change up where you work, you will see an uptick in creative production.

Have Fun

Bear with me here, this might sound foolish but it actually works. Try this: the next time you see that same couple arguing outside of Starbucks, play a game of mental “MadLibs”. Fill in the blanks as to what they are debating. Be outrageous. Be weird. The more you have fun with it, the more you will feel your creative prowess expand.

Overcoming Conflict

The creative field is one that naturally attracts strong personality types. It is to be expected that there will be disagreement about what direction should be taken for projects. Refrain from snap judgment and try to really understand where and why the other person is coming from.

Tying It Together

It’s easy to ground ourselves in a daily routine. It’s comfortable. The next time you catch yourself falling into your daily grind, ask yourself: “am I growing or am I becoming stagnant?”. If it’s the latter: tweak it. Often times, it’s the little things lead to large results. The more you embrace creative tangents, the more likely you are to see that creativity reach to all aspects of your life.

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